Build-Your-Own Salad Bar
Two lettuces, an assortment of fresh and colorful toppings, rosemary grilled chicken, hickory turkey, chopped bacon, balsamic-orange vinaigrette, ranch, sesame-ginger vinaigrette, focaccia wedges and butter

Build-Your-Own Sandwich Bar
Hickory turkey, house-roasted beef, tuna salad OR exotic chicken salad, fresh produce, grilled veggies, cheddar, provolone, muenster and a variety of sliced breads, hoagie rolls and artisan focaccia

Catered Deli Tray of Gourmet Sandwiches Hits the Lunch Spot

Assorted Deli Sandwiches
Roast Beef & Horseradish
Roast Beef & Cheddar
Exotic Chicken Salad
Tuna on Rye
Turkey & Provolone
Turkey & Pesto
The Turkey Club
Turkey, Apple & Brie
Turkey & Cranberry on Croissant
BBQ Chicken Hoagie
Caprese Hoagie
Grilled Veggie
Egg Salad Straight Up

Family-Style Entrée Salad

Assorted Deli Salads
Classic Caesar, optional grilled chicken
Garden Green, optional grilled chicken
Taco Salad, optional grilled chicken
Bleu Cranberry, optional grilled chicken

Director’s Box Lunches
Sandwich or salad from the above lists, with Tony’s famous cookies, bagged chips and one of the following sides:
Orzo, feta, sun-dried tomato pasta salad
Greek veg pasta salad
Diced fresh fruit salad
Fresh fruit skewer
Picnic potato salad
Roasted red potato salad

Standard Box Lunches
Sandwich or salad from the above lists, with Tony’s famous cookies and bagged chips

Value Box Lunches
Sandwich from the following list, whole fruit and bagged chips
Turkey & Cheddar on Wheat
Turkey & Provolone Hoagie
Roast Beef & Cheddar Hoagie
Roast Beef & Provolone on Focaccia
Grilled Veggie
Egg Salad

Mini Deli & Tea Sandwiches Make Your Corporate Lunch in San Jose Yummy and Fun

Assorted Mini Deli Sandwiches
Roasted beef, horseradish cream & provolone on a fluffy roll
Exotic chicken salad on mini croissant
Turkey with cranberry cream cheese on mini croissant
Turkey club with bacon & honey mustard on fluffy roll
Turkey & herb pinwheels
Turkey & provolone
Roasted beef & cheddar pinwheels
Grilled veggie with herb spread on artisan focaccia
Tuna salad on fluffy roll
Prosciutto, Brie and fig jam on focaccia triangles
Italian meats and basil pesto on focaccia
Caprese on focaccia
Egg salad on crustless triangles
Turkey, Brie and Granny Smith apple on mini croissant
Cucumber triangles with herb spread
Brie and pesto on mini croissant
Brie and Granny Smith apple on mini croissant

Lunch Sides and Add-Ons
Classic Caesar salad, focaccia croutons
Garden green salad, balsamic-orange vinaigrette
Choose a Basic or Gourmet Side for Complete Catering with TonySpinach salad with fresh berries and Granny Smith apples, poppy dressing
Mixed greens, bleu cheese, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, balsamic-orange vinaigrette
Bagged chips
House-fried rosemary and Parmesan chips
Whole piece of fruit
Diced fruit salad
Orzo, feta, sun-dried tomato pasta salad
Greek veggie pasta salad
Roasted corn & black bean salad with tomatoes and fresh herbs (seasonally available)

Hot Catered Lunch Entree

Hot Lunch Entrees
Not everyone wants a deli sandwich or salad for lunch, though. Click here to see our hot lunch entrees and sides too!