Catered Cheese Fruit Nut Tray

Interested in Tony catering your private event? Just give him a call at (408) 263-4366. The below menu is just to give you some ideas of what has been popular with other customers, but it is by no means exclusive.

So if you don’t see something you want here, just ask!

Caramelized mushroom and parmesan tartlets

Caprese skewers, balsamic reduction (seasonally available)

Catered Crudités in San Jose

Curried chicken salad in crispy wonton cups

Spicy black bean cakes, citrus aioli

Brie, fig jam and pomegranate molasses in crispy phyllo cups

Roasted beet and citrus skewers

Chili-lime dusted fresh fruit skewers

Mini deli and tea sandwiches

Grilled corn and black bean salad in crispy wonton cups

Grilled corn, prawn and black bean salad in crispy wonton cups

Have Your [Salmon] Cake and Eat It Too

Crispy egg rolls (pork and veggie) with sweet chili dipping sauce

Fresh tofu and avocado spring rolls with sweet chili dipping sauce

Beef meatballs dressed with tomato-basil

Turkey meatballs in tomato-saffron sauce

Antipasti skewers (meat & veggie)

Smoked salmon-goat cheese mousse on focaccia crostini

Crispy salmon cakes, citrus aioli

Mixed seafood ceviche with chili-lime tostada spears

Bleu cheese shortbreads with pecan and red grape mostarda

Crispy pita rounds with oven-roasted prawn and pesto aioli

Stuffed mushroom caps (sausage & veggie)

Catering Fun in San Francisco with Wonton Cups

Grilled chicken and beef skewers served with mango-chipotle, chimichurri and creamy herb sauces

Pomegranate molasses-grilled lamb tenderloin skewers with herbed dipping sauce

Thai chicken cucumber cups

Chicken, Brie and cranberry phyllo bites

Flatbread triangles (feta, sun-dried tomato, fresh herbs, optional Italian sausage)

Pulled pork and cheddar phyllo bites

Mini tostadas with chipotle-cream carnitas and avocado garnish

Oyster shooters with tomato-horseradish dressing (seasonally available)

Sushi-grade ahi tuna, citrus vinaigrette and wasabi cream in crispy wonton cups

“Brisket on a Biscuit” – Mini smoked brisket sandwiches on scratch-made cheddar scallion biscuits

**This list is representative of our style of cooking. We love working up custom menus with our clients, so give us a call at (408) 263-4366!**