Venues for Catered Events in and around San Jose

Not only does Tony cater corporate and private events at venues all over the San Jose and San Francisco Bay region, he is a preferred caterer at The Tech Museum of Innovation (and runs The Tech Cafe) and now is the exclusive caterer at Winchester Mystery House (along with running Winchester Café). We’re very excited!

Tony is also a preferred caterer at the following institutions:

  • Children’s Discovery Museum
  • Monopoly in the Park, Friends of San Jose
  • Picchetti Winery
  • South Bay Yacht Club
  • Zero1 Garage


Know where you’d like to hold your event? Or want to know more about The Tech or Winchester Mystery House? Give Tony a call now at (408) 263-4366.

See how to choose a venue, below.

San Jose Catering Venues Where Tony Caters to You

How to Choose a Venue for Your Event

Choosing the place for your reception, party, or conference is paramount to the success of the event. Well, that and choosing the caterer, of course!

While there are many factors that play into that decision, we figure these are the big ones:

Venue Date and Availability

You can scratch it right off your list if the space you’re thinking of is not available for the date of your event. Of course if you’re flexible about the day, reserve away!


What’s your price? Venues come with all sorts of price tags. Does theirs meet yours?

Type of Event

Really this should be called “ambiance” or “setting.” Think about what your event looks like but also what it feels like.

Full of light or darkly lit? Formal or casual? Outside or inside? Turn-of-the-century (think Winchester Mystery House) or modern (think The Tech Museum)? Big, open space for all guests or small, cozy spaces for groups?

Overall Flow

The celebration you envision might not necessarily work in the venue you love. Tony and his team can share what works for events at some of our signature locations, and best practices for events in whatever other space you fall in love with.

Number of Guests

Under Type of Event should really come Number of Guests too. Will your party fit in the space? Or will it be engulfed by too much space? What is the maximum capacity and will your attendees fall comfortably under that?

The number of people in the room will not only affect the flow of people and conversation but also air flow, so as you contemplate venues, consider your guests’ physical and temperature comfort as well.


The design of the space will also affect the acoustics. Are you going to have a band? Dancing? An emcee? Background music? (Tony can help you arrange all this too, if you’d like.)

Or do you want a quieter space in which conversations at one table can’t be heard two tables over?


Can your guests get to the gala? Maybe you’d like them to be able to spend the night at a nearby hotel. Or just easily stop by after work. Is the venue near what you want it to be near?

How will they arrive and when they get there, will there be parking if necessary?

What about a view? For a stunning view of downtown San Jose, we recommend the rooftop at The Tech but of course we’re biased.

Maybe the “view” is the lush gardens of Winchester Mystery House – or just a good line-of-view for the business presentation you plan on showing the corporate executives.

Also will your guests need the place to be wheelchair-accessible or accommodate other special needs?


Tony will take care of this one for you, with or without an on-site kitchen!

Just call Tony now at (408) 263-4366 to help you figure out an appropriate venue where you want him to cater your next event!

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